It`s new. And it`s amazing.
We knew you’d have questions.

The Non-GMO Project is an organization that conducts a rigorous best practices program, keeping Genetically Modified Organisms out of the products you consume. Having its seal not only ensures you are drinking a healthier juice beverage, but is also a great way to educate consumers about available Non-GMO choices.
Mansi proudly supports the Non-GMO Project as we work hard keeping GMO’s out of your drink and more natural, healthy goodness into your body.

No need to fear as this is just the pulp of the calamansi juice. Remember, Mansi is an all-natural product using only premium ingredients. In the case you happen to notice this, just give it a shake and just like a magic trick, it will disappear.

Mansi is kosher and certified by the Orthodox Union.

Yes. We use flash pasteurization to eliminate possible bacteria, making the product safe and at its highest quality, even without refrigeration. This process helps preserve Mansi’s delicious taste and nutrients.

After opening, please keep refrigerated and consume within 5 days.

Harvest seasons change and may cause taste to vary slightly from batch to batch. That’s a good thing and part of an experience derived from an all-natural, not-from-concentrate juice that comes straight from the Philippines.
One thing will never change- Mansi’s undeniable fresh taste and healthy goodness.

This means that the calamansi juice is squeezed and kept closest to its natural state.
On the other hand, juices that are “From Concentrate”, employ additional processes including the removal of water and later reconstituting it during production. Additionally, “From Concentrate” heavily differs as the concentration process results in lost nutrients and compromised taste.

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